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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Major Davis Jr., the man potentially facing the death penalty and accused of killing IMPD officer Perry Renn in 2014, appeared in a Marion County courtroom Friday.

The court heard testimony from four psychologists and psychiatrists who evaluated Davis in recent months. All four confirmed to the court that Davis is incompetent to stand trial. All four also diagnosed him as delusional and as having severe paranoia.

According to testimony from the doctors, Davis has a history of mental illness. He has been documented as telling family and friends that he’s tormented by demons, he’s deeply suspicious of the world, and that he could be considered a conspiracy theorist.

In the psychiatric evaluation of Davis, the four doctors all confirmed that Davis was so delusional in his evaluation, he told them he believed that God was his attorney and that the court, judge, attorneys, everyone involved in the judicial system, had set up and elaborate conspiracy to convict him.

“His life is at stake here, he’s pending the death penalty, not the judge, not the prosecutor and not the public defenders, so he should have all rights to speak,” said Davis’ mother, Cynthia Davis.

Davis is asking the court for permission to represent himself. This is a part of his conspiracy theory, he doesn’t feel his defense attorneys have his best interests at heart.

The defense and the prosecution will make their closing arguments on October 14, that is when the judge will rule if Davis is sane enough to stand trial.