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INDIANAPOLIS (Sep. 28, 2014)–Officers were called to the scene near 3600 English Avenue, just before 1:00 a.m.

Police say there was a private birthday party there when a group of people tried to enter the VFW Post. Shots were fired after they were not allowed to enter.

“My first reaction was my kids.  They were up watching TV, and I ran to them and said, ‘Run, crawl do whatever you got to do–get in the kitchen now.’  I had to hide them and I made them stay on the floor,” said neighbor Kelly Couch.

Several vehicles were seen fleeing the scene from the VFW 2999 Post.  Witnesses say people in at least two cars were exchanging gunfire.  That led police to the intersection of Fletcher and Grant, where a red Monte Carlo was located with bullet holes in the trunk.

“When I opened up my door, I could tell it was gunfire because I could see the cars racing down the street.  I saw the gun hanging out the window,” said witness Sean Fulton.

“All of a sudden you hear a ‘pop, pop, pop.’  You could hear it getting closer and closer,” said Couch.

Police had several individuals in handcuffs near Fletcher and Grant.  It wasn’t immediately clear who was identified as victims and suspects.

“When officers arrived they found multiple shell casings and multiple victims that had been shot at multiple locations,” said Sgt. Kendale Adams with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

In all, there were four male gunshot victims.  At least two of them were transported to Eskenazi Hospital.  None of their injuries were believed to be life threatening.