Four separate shootings kill three people over a 24-hour period

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Police are investigating after six people were shot in three separate incidents Monday. Three of those people died.

The first shooting happened Monday morning around 4:40 a.m. A man identified as Bassirou Mahamadou was killed near the 800 block of Cloverleaf Terrace on the west side of town.

Fourteen hours later, detectives responded to the 3800 block of Layman Avenue.When officers arrived, they found a car crashed into a tree. The driver was shot and killed. The passenger was found on the ground. He was shot in the leg.

Around 10:30 p.m., two women were shot near the 2000 block of Glenridge Drive on the city’s east side.

Lastly, Charles Walls Sr., 58, was killed inside the Pleasant Springs apartment complex around 11:45 p.m..

“They don’t have any leads. They said they have a person that fled, but no description,” said Charles Walls Jr.

The family of Charles Walls Sr. visited the neighborhood where their loved one was found Tuesday. Charles Walls Sr. was found off the 1000 block of Henslow Lane.

“He would help anybody out, very caring and very loving person. I don’t know what I’m going to do now,” said Cindy Walls, Charles Wall Sr.’s wife.

She does not know why her husband was parked in the neighborhood in the first place since he had just moved to Monrovia.

“From what I’ve heard, my brother called him and asked him to come get him and he never showed up,” Charles Walls Jr. said.

IMPD Chief Rick Hite said he stayed up until 4 a.m. Tuesday, reviewing the cases.

“I don’t sleep well when we have these kinds of nights, but at the same time, neither (do) the citizens whose lives are disrupted by criminals who just don’t get it,” said Chief Hite.

Chief Hite said police will continue working to tackle violence. Some of those efforts cannot be disclosed, he said.

“We’re sending a message. You can continue to push back if you want, (but) we’re coming after you,” said Chief Hite.

He  said commanders have been instructed to make sure officers are positioned in the right locations at the right times.

“You are going to see some results of it in the next few days in terms of some of those plans,” said Chief Hite.

He said it is important that people contact the police departmen, if they notice something happening in their neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the Walls family hopes they can get justice.

“I wish they’d do the right thing and turn themselves in,” Cindy Walls said.

Tuesday afternoon, officers announced they arrested three people in the first case. Jamie Tooley, 20, and Joshua Lewis, 22, were arrested in connection to this case. A third suspect was also arrested, but his name is not being released because he is a juvenile.

Police are also continuing to look for a person of interest. They would like to question Chris Rogers.

If anyone has further information about any of the cases, contact IMPD. You can call also CrimeStoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

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