4 students hospitalized after vaping THC at Rochester High School


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ROCHESTER, Ind. – Medics transported four Rochester High School students to the hospital for drug-related health issues.

Fulton County Sheriff’s Department Investigator Travis Heishman said officers and medics responded to the school around 10:30 a.m. after they received a call about students who appeared to be “under the influence.” Heishman said the students had smoked from a vaping pen and cartridge.

Heishman told FOX59 the cartridge the students used appears to have had significant concentration of THC in the liquid. “It is unclear if any other substances are present in the liquid. It will be sent out for further analysis by the Indiana State Police Laboratory,” Heishman said.

The students’ blood was drawn and evidence was collected. It will be tested to determine exactly what was in the cartridges.

Heishman said all of the students are juveniles.

Rochester Community School Corp. Superintendent Jana Vance told FOX59 “the students’ health was seriously impacted by the use of drugs.” She said she couldn’t comment further on their conditions or the medical treatment they received.

“Vaping, Juuling, all of this is problematic. It’s just a scary time and parents need to be diligent,” Vance said.

Vance said smoking devices can look like pens and computer flash drives, so they’re easy to conceal.

“They can be laced with anything they want in there. You never know what could be in those,” Heishman said.

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