Fox 59 Investigates how 25 buses failed inspection mid-school day

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INDIANAPOLIS – Hundreds of Indianapolis kids got stuck at school late into the night, after more than two dozen buses failed inspection in the middle of the day.

As 7th grader Cameron and his grandfather Wayne Grubb sat down to do homework Tuesday night, Grubb was breathing a sigh of relief.

“To have to call a cab to bring your child home from school is ridiculous,” Grubb said.

He wasn’t kidding. Monday night, Cameron didn’t get home on the bus as usual. By five o’clock, Grubb was calling his school.

“(I asked), ‘When will he be home?’ She told me, ‘I cannot tell you,'” Grubb said.

That’s because 25 buses run by A & S Transportation had taken kids to school, gone to be inspected, and failed.

The company serves Emma Donnan Middle School, Howe High School and Manual High School. Each of the schools is managed by Charter Schools USA.

Fox 59 wondered how the buses could fail in the middle of the day. Indiana State Police told us the buses did not have updated forms certifying that their brakes and steering had been checked.

“I want to stress that we did those inspections, they just weren’t documented on that form that they should’ve been,” said Dan Stumpfhauser with A & S Transportation.

Fox 59 also learned that A & S Transportation is based in Florida and has only run buses in Indianapolis since last school year.

“We visit here generally about once a month, either the operations manager, myself or the owner of the company,” Stumpfhauser said.

According to a bus driver with the company, though, this is not the only problem.

“It’s been unorganized since day one,” that bus driver, whose identity Fox 59 concealed, said.

The schools gave kids dinner Monday and got those who didn’t have alternate transportation home safely.

Most of the buses did pass a new inspection Tuesday morning. Schools were on a two-hour delay, allowing for time to get buses back in service.

Still, Grubb said he can’t rid himself of that feeling he had when Cameron didn’t come home on time.

“The first thing a parent is going to think is where’s my child? And is he safe?” Grubb said.

You can check bus inspections for any Indiana school bus here:

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