Fox 59 takes action for woman living without heat

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GREENFIELD – Fox 59 is taking action for a Greenfield woman and her daughter who have lived without heat or hot water for nearly a week.

Mary Beth Schaffer’s home has become a place of resourcefulness, from pots of boiling water to small space heaters in each room.

“This is not okay, not to have heat,” Schaffer said.

Schaffer rents a duplex in Greenfield and last week, a contractor found the floor beneath her furnace to be rotting and unstable.

After Schaffer called the gas company, they deemed it unsafe and “red tagged” the furnace, shutting it off until the floor is fixed.

“Now this is … day six, it’ll be night seven without any heat or hot water,” Schaffer said.

That’s because Schaffer’s landlord, Mark Dudley, has so far not fixed that flooring. We asked him why and first, he blamed the problem on Schaffer, saying she had changed locks and not given him the key, along with being behind on her rent.

Still, we pushed Dudley because cold temperatures are on the way and Schaffer and her daughter need heat in their home. His own heating and air technician told us the flooring is, indeed, unsafe.

After getting a key to the home, Dudley told us he has set a time to fix the floor and get things working again. He promised to get the heat back on for Schaffer and her daughter.

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