INDIANAPOLIS — On April 3, the family of German Shepherd, Pappi, received a phone call that he had escape their backyard and was later found by his owner bleeding from a gunshot wound.

Pappi’s owner, Yamani Williams, was in shock and rushed him to IndyVet Emergency Room where Pappi’s odds were not looking great. The vet team told Williams that he needed to pay $4,000 before they even began surgery. Williams panicked but knew what he had to do. “I ask everyone I knew to help me. I came up with $2,500 in less than 7 hours,” said Williams.

The vet team saw how torn Williams was as he was in and out of tears and decided to work with him financially. They then immediately went into emergency surgery with Pappi where he needed a blood transfusion to survive. The surgeon found that the bullet that shot Pappi had lacerated his spleen, part of his small intestines, and his colon.

Thankfully, Pappi’s surgery was successful and he remained hospitalized for 2-3 days to ensure a solid recovery. Those 2-3 days, Pappi was under careful watch due to his extreme vulnerability and weakened chance of survival. Little by little, Pappi showed signs of improvement and was able to be discharged and back with his loving humans.

“Pappi has an extreme sentimental value to me,” said Williams.

Pappi is now back home with Williams and his children and their family could not be more grateful for everyone at IndyVet for their professionalism and cooperation. The person who shot Pappi has not been identified however Williams expressed that he is just grateful that no one else what hurt in the incident.