INDIANAPOLIS — A viral TikTok comedian from Indianapolis is currently on the rise of internet stardom after appearing as a contestant on HBO Max’s “FBoy Island”.

The dating show competition takes three women through a chance of finding love and the chance of winning $100,000. The catch is, they have to figure out who is a “nice guy” and who is a self-proclaimed “FBoy”.

Benedict Polizzi, TikTok creator of 1.4 million followers, was selected as a contestant on “FBoy Island” after blowing up online.

Polizzi, originally from Greenwood, Indiana, knew he always wanted to do comedy and create content.

“When I was in sixth, seventh grade, I would always go to my cousin’s house and we would record stupid videos like an NSYNC dance or something,” laughed Polizzi.

After going through high school and college, Polizzi got a corporate job and knew that he wanted something more, something different.

“I was just there the whole day and I was just like ‘Oh my God, I could be doing so much other stuff’,” said Polizzi. “While I was there I was listening to podcasts and comedy and I was like ‘THAT’S what I want to do!’.”

From there, Polizzi met his friend Joey who was also wanting to get into comedy and things took off from there.

“One day he was just like ‘We both want to do funny stuff, we both work here, let’s just do it already’.”

From there, the two began creating videos together, Polizzi started his stand-up career, and he began creating content for TikTok.

While chatting about one of his first TikTok videos, Polizzi said it wasn’t his best work (I believe he associated with being “cringey”), however, it immediately went viral – and he only continued to grow his internet following from there.

Polizzi received an interesting Instagram DM from a casting director asking him to apply for the second season of “FBoy Island” on HBO Max.

“The message was sitting in my DM’s for a while,” said Polizzi, “At first I thought it was fake.”

Polizzi’s friends, and his manager, Wyatt, told Polizzi that he should go for it. They said, “You might as well try”.

Polizzi decided to take a leap and go for it. However, he didn’t have much confidence in himself to actually be cast for the show.

As he went through interviews, he was asked about his “type”, what he looks for in a girl, what he does, etc.

He joked and responded with comments like “I like girls with divorced parents and spray tans” and “My ideal date is watching a baking show, drinking wine, with a charcoal mask on”.

Polizzi’s most-viewed video on TikTok @benedictpolizzi

Despite him laughing his way through the casting process, Polizzi was cast and flew to Cabo to film this past February.

Since the premiere of season 2 of “FBoy Island”, Polizzi says life has been crazy. He told me he would absolutely love to do something like “FBoy Island” again.

Watch the full interview above and be prepared for some laughs.

You can follow Benedict on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter @benedictpolizzi.