FISHERS — On August 7, the Fishers Police Department responded to a call at a residence that ended with them removing a weasel from peeping into a residential window.

“Firefighters don’t go for that kind of creepiness,” said the fire department’s Facebook post, “so they jumped into action and cornered the #LittleWeasel.”

Firefighter Burt was the one to wrangle the animal with gloves on, which is when Wally surrendered, according to FFD.

“He wouldn’t talk at first but firefighters squeezed him a little,” continued the post. “That loosened up his tongue. He said his name was Wally, but his friends call him Wheeze. Said he was just walking along minding his own business when all of a sudden, he found himself in this hole. ‘Just came out of nowhere,’ Wally said.”

Firefighter Burt responded to Wheeze by asking if anyone could vouch for him and sure enough, someone could – Jeremiah the Bull Frog.

FFD could not understand a word he was saying.

Wally then claimed to “help Jeremiah drink his wine” and that he has “a mighty fine wine”.

Firefighters decided to take him home and keep him “under the watch of the wise Owl and Randy the Raccoon”. FFD says Wally has not hurt himself nor anyone else.

They warn him though, that he needs to get help soon, or else, next time, “it’s going to be Fishers Police Department that comes and then #PopGoesTheWeasel to jail.”

The FFD post concluded with the following hashtags: #WeCantMakeThisStuffUp #NoAnimalsOrFirefightersWereHurtInTheMakingOfThisRescue #NaturallyNature