BOONE COUNTY — When the SullivanMunce Cultural Center was approached by The History Press, a company that releases many small-batch publications based on local history, to write a book about some of the history of Boone County, Heather Lusk, freelance writer/journalist, and Zionsville resident, jumped at the opportunity.

“I, for a while, have wanted to dive more deeply into the local history, in particular the Native American history. I’d always been curious but could find the information very easily. So, when the opportunity arose, I knew I wanted to take it,” said Lusk.

It took approximately Lusk approximately 9 months from start to finish to craft The Hidden History of Boone County. She says that it’s truly her baby. Lusk said she’s always wanted to write a book during her career, it has been a huge goal of hers.

While doing research for her book she was particularly interested in providing information about other towns in the county besides Zionsville and Lebanon that aren’t recognized as much. “They have their own incredible history and I was delighted to let folks in other parts of the county know how important Thorntown is and how important Jamestown is to our history when most people just think of Zionsville and Lebanon,” explained Lusk.

As word of her book caught wind throughout the Boone County community, Lusk says the response from her family members and locals has been extremely positive. Many people have told her how much this information is needed because many didn’t know a lot of the history. “It also was a boost for me to share some of these stories with the Boone County historian and have him not know some of this information or other locals who grew up here who didn’t necessarily know some of these stories,” said Lusk.

Heather’s book, The Hidden History of Boone County, is officially available on April 11. You can find it locally at the CVS located in Lebanon, the SullivanMunce Cultural Center, Akard True Value in Zionsville, Back to the Bricks, and online.