Fox59 Exclusive: Boy missing, Indianapolis man dies following Tenn. cabin fire

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Sevierville, Tenn. (Apr. 12, 2014) — An Indianapolis man is dead and a boy, 5, is missing after fire tore through the family’s vacation cabin in Tennessee.

Emergency crews were called to the fire around 4:30 Saturday morning in Sevierville, TN., but by the time they arrived, the flames had consumed a large portion of the cabin. Family says their loved ones were jumping from third story windows.

The family is doing a lot of praying, as they wait for answers about how this happened. Officials tell FOX59 that search dogs are being used in the search for the child that is missing. The family didn’t want to tell us his name, but the man who died in this tragic fire, was helping catch those family members who were jumping from above.

“I heard that he actually busted out the window and he actually rescued himself first, and then actually ordered everybody else to come down and jump in to his arms to get them down safely,” said Shandrea Booker, a great niece.

At some point during that heroic rescue, Booker’s loved one, the brave man she’s talking about, died. The family isn’t sure how, but they’re dealing with a lot right now.

“It’s truly a hard loss, it’s, it’s hard,” said Diana Bryant, a cousin.

What is making it more difficult, a boy, 5, who is also a member of this large family, is still missing after the fire. Crews rushed to the burning cabin around 4:30 Saturday morning, but by the time they arrived, 75 percent of the cabin was consumed by fire. The family is trying to wrap themselves around this tragedy and are hoping for answers, while at the same time, remembering their loved one.

“He loved everybody, he would have gave his shirt off his back to you, or to anyone,” said James Goodnight Sr., a cousin. “He had no discrimination or anything.”

Christopher Armstrong, pastor of Mt. Vernon Community Missionary Baptist Church, jumped in to action to help the family. He drove the church bus down to Tennessee to pick up more than a dozen family members. He says they will be back sometime Sunday morning. Other adults are staying down in Tennessee for a while longer, as the search continues for the boy.

The cause of this fire is under investigation.

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