Fox59 Exclusive: Broad Ripple shooting victim recounts early morning brawl

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An innocent bystander is opening up about the violent exchange that injured four people in Broad Ripple early Friday morning.

It happened near the intersection of Broad Ripple and College Avenues before 3 a.m. Police said the fight broke out between two groups over a girl.

Tristan Crayton, 28, was arrested on charges of felony battery and criminal recklessness.

Sam Wade, an assistant manager at RA Nightclub, was caught in the crossfire while on his way to break up the fight outside.

“People don’t want to come to a place where they don’t feel safe. I don’t want that stuff outside of my club,” said Wade. “I got radioed about a fight at the front door I needed to help break up.”

The big group had been kicked out of the club earlier that night. Sam said he came around the corner to see the men yelling outside. An off-duty officer tried to break up the fight.

Moments later, Wade heard gunshots.

“I just stopped,” he said. “All I was doing was sitting there watching.”

About 50 yards away, Sam was shot in the leg twice. One bullet went straight through his knee cap. Another bullet is still stuck in his upper thigh. A third also grazed his left foot.

Wade immediately ran to the nearby alley to take cover.

“They couldn’t even see me. I had to scream to tell people to get away so the cops could see me,” he said.

Crayton told police the other group attacked he and his friends while they tried to get back in their car. The 28-year-old claims he fired his handgun in self-defense. Wade, a gun-owner himself, doesn’t think so.

“I’m 50 yards away and I get hit by two bullets. That could have been my life,” said Wade. “If you shoot somebody in your own home, that is self-defense. This was not self-defense. You don’t shoot a whole clip of nine-millimeter rounds.”

Crayton is currently being held in the Marion County Arrestee Processing Center on a 72-hour hold with $80,000 bond.

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