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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- Long, luscious locks are the goal, but not everyone can get there.

Many women are turning to the internet to order hair vitamins that promise healthy, fast hair growth. We wanted to put some of the most popular brands to the test like Sugar Bear Hair gummies which is promoted by the Kardashian sisters, and rival company Hair Tru which promotes their product as helping you grow long, strong hair faster. Both cost about $60 for a two-month supply.

The vitamins are not FDA approved., but their websites claim the vitamins are produced in an FDA-approved facility to ensure safety.

We put those brands to the test against a vitamin you might find on the shelf in any drug store: Nature's Bounty hair, skin and nails gummies.

We went to two local hair salons and had one woman try each product. We measured each model's hair length and asses the condition of their tresses before the 60-day journey began.

DL Lowrey hairstylist Alandra Henderson chose her client Cheryl to try Hair Tru. Cheryl recently had a baby and she suffered postpartum hair loss. Cheryl started her Hair Tru journey taking two pills a day, packed with vitamin B-12 and more than 3,000 micro-grams of biotin. Sixty days later, we checked in with Cheryl to see her results.

"I definitely noticed the hair that grew is a lot thicker and healthier and that was an aim for me," she said.

Cheryl experienced one side effect.

"It does say to take it after a meal. Stick to that, because I took it once before a meal and I felt nauseous," said Cheryl.

In the end, she walked away with one inch of hair growth in two months. That was the common theme when we moved on to Sugar Bear Hair, a product Khloe Kardashian swears by. MDG hairstylist Christina Lockett chose her client Lianne to try the product.

Some of the key ingredients in this product, vitamin-A and 5,000 micro-grams of biotin. Lianne also took the gummies for 60 days.

She says it was hard to only eat two a day because they tasted good, but during the two months it wasn't the hair on her head she noticed was growing.

"I was looking in the mirror I was like, 'wow, looks like I have more eyelashes,' so I was kind of shocked," Lianne said.

She did see growth in her hair as well.

"We've got about an inch growth on her. So that's a half an inch more than what her hair typically grows," said Lockett.

Both women who tried the higher-end products got an inch of growth in two months, which is in line with the average growth rate of a half inch a month. Our third and final client, Taina, tried out Natures Bounty hair, skin and nails gummies, which is a drug store product.

"I did notice an improvement in my skin for sure. My nails feel a little bit stronger. I personally thought my hair was more or less the same," she said.

Once Henderson measured her results she discovered her hair did grow.

"So she got a little over an inch. Really about an inch and a half," said Henderson. "A good amount of new growth in general but I think that's a record for how much she got."

And although Taina's hair naturally grows at a fast rate, these results were with the product that costs $10 per bottle. So when it comes to determining if the high prices vitamins are a help or hoax, you decide. Just know in two months we didn't see any miracles.

"Don't expect to be Rapunzel. we all want to be Rapunzel," said Henderson.

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