Frankfort Police officers sporting scruff for a cause

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FRANKFORT, Ind. — If you see a Frankfort police officer sporting a bit of facial hair this month, it isn’t because they forgot their razor.

The Frankfort Police Department said several officers are participating in its annual no-shave November campaign. The campaign raises money to support the Riley Children’s Foundation.

Police Chief Troy Bacon said they are supporting the foundation because of close ties many families at the department have with it.

“Throughout the years, many families at the Frankfort Police Department have benefited from the quality care and love provided to their children by Riley Children’s Hospital doctors and staff. This year for No-Shave November, we chose to raise money to help support the Riley Children’s Foundation to help fund the Riley Red Wagon program.” Bacon said.

Officers participating in the campaign are donating a minimum of $20 to the foundation. In return, they will be able to grow a full beard as long as it is groomed and properly maintained. If the department raises at least $4,000, the officers can keep their beards until the end of the year.

People can donate to keep the officers’ beards by visiting the department during the week between 8 am and 4 pm.

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