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FRANKLIN, Ind. – A group of girls in Franklin is using snacks to give back by making sure when students go to school, they’re prepared.

The girls are raising money to buy school supplies for kids who may be struggling.

The “Kool Off Station” is set up next to the sidewalk on Cedarmill Drive in Franklin. The girls are selling snacks and drinks–everything from juice boxes to cookies. A handwritten list of items for sale is taped to the table.  Nothing is more than a dollar, and everything is going to the same cause.

“We are trying to raise money for kids who need school supplies because some parent can’t afford it because of COVID,” said Quinn King, a middle school student.

Even before the pandemic, the girls have seen their classmates or other students whose families may need some extra help.

“Usually every year you’ll see a couple kids around school, usually you’ll see a kid using a raggedy, not a very good bookbag or not having enough paper for the year,” said Brooklin Whitlock, a senior at Franklin Community High School.   

The girls have gone door-to-door in the neighborhood, selling snacks and collecting donations.

“They were just excited to help,” said King.

Even if you don’t have extra cash, you can still help. On the corner of the “Kool Off Station” is a box where you can drop off new or gently used school supplies.

“It if was a pencil that was barely used or a notebook that has one page that was used, we can absolutely take it and use it for something better,” said Whitlock.

The girls plan to give all the donated supplies to Franklin Community classrooms.

“We are just going to get as much extra supplies as we need to where we can supply the schools with extra supplies so if kids desperately need them, they’re right there for them,” said Whitlock.

The girls head back to school on Monday, but even before the first day, they’re teaching us all a lesson: it doesn’t take much to be kind and help others.

The girls have a goal of $500. They plan to keep the “Kool Off Station” set up until Friday.