Franklin Township middle school principal raises concerns about potholes

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s been a slow and bumpy ride for parents taking their kids to school at Franklin Township Middle School East.

“Because the weather’s really bad with all the rain and then the snowing, I think it just gets worse week by week,” said parent Clarisa Polk.

The situation on Indian Creek Road had gotten so bad, the school’s principal sent out a letter to parents, asking them to call the city and complain.

“I’m surprised the city hasn’t done something about this because it’s been this way all year,” said Marty Justice, who lives down the road.

“They had reached out to the city in weeks prior as it started to deteriorate, and they were not getting a response from the city,” said City County Councilman Brian Mowery, who represents Franklin Township.

Wednesday, the school contacted Mowery to help in the push for pothole patches. DPW sent out a crew Wednesday night and another Thursday morning. However, crews left behind unfilled potholes, and the principal sent us a statement saying in part, “Unfortunately, the roads have not been repaired to the level that ensures our students safety.”

As of Thursday afternoon, DPW said crews were back out filling the remaining holes and should be wrapping up work before Friday.

“Hopefully by the end of the day today that’s all patched up and drivable,” Mowery said. “I won’t say good, but drivable.”

DPW also says the crews were working 16-hour shifts to try and fix this road. At an event Thursday, Mayor Joe Hogsett mentioned the clear skies are giving them more opportunities to get work finished in the city.

“We have a challenge,” Hogsett said. “I’m glad to see the weather has broken a little bit. It’s dry today and I think the forecast is we may have another dry day tomorrow.”

As for Franklin Township, the city says Indian Creek Road is on the list to be resurfaced this year.

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