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CONNERSVILLE, Ind. — While it may seem like business as usual at Connersville’s Pizza King on Western Avenue, employees and customers said it’ll never truly be the same.

“When you work with somebody that long you know and you come in they’re not here,” said Pizza King server Kimberly Patterson with tears in her eyes.

Her friend and co-worker Billy Fields was killed over the weekend while delivering pizzas. Connersville Police said Fields was delivering to a home on West 27th Street when the porch he was standing on collapsed beneath him.

Police said a piece of concrete flipped and Fields was pinned under it. When first responders arrived, Fields was motionless and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

“My nephew was a night manager and he called me about 12:30 a.m. — just unbelievable it really was a freak accident,” Patterson said.

Field’s co-workers said he has been working at the Pizza King for close to 30 years.

“Everyone is just devastated, and you know you just don’t think something like that would happen, but you just don’t ever know,” said Fields’ co-worker Heather York. “I personally know people that he would deliver to and he just walked in and put their pizza on their stove.”

York said since the news has spread through the community, Fields is all customers have been asking about. Many shared personal stories of him delivering to their homes.

“Bill was very loved. He would give his shirt off his back for anybody he was a good guy,” said Fields’ childhood friend Tonya Case. “Everybody just loved Bill. He just had a really good heart. He was kind.”

Connersville Police said its investigation concluded the collapse was an accident and therefore there is no ongoing criminal investigation.

A donation bucket sits at the front counter of a Connersville Pizza King to help pay for funeral costs for delivery driver Billy Fields. Fields was killed when a porch collapsed while he was delivering a pizza.

His co-workers told us Fields leaves behind a 13-year-old daughter and they’re attempting to raise money to help cover funeral costs. A bucket for donations is at the front counter of the restaurant and all the money collected will go to his family.

If you’d like to donate to Billy Fields funeral fund you can contact the Connersville Pizza King at (765) 825-5164.