Frozen pipes burst at Muncie shelter, leaving animals without water

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The Muncie Animal Shelter will remain partially closed until the middle of next week after part of the ceiling collapsed.

Tuesday, parts of several pipes burst after freezing. It caused the water to leak everywhere. Then, the ceiling and insulation began to fall on the floor. Since then, the shelter turned its water off.

Employees have been forced to fill jugs of water from a business nearby to make sure their animals have plenty of water to drink.

“We’re going to make it so it won’t happen again by running the pipes underneath the ceiling so that they’ll always be the same temperature (of) the actual building,” said Phil Peckinpaugh, Animal Control Superintendent.

The large hole in the ceiling made it difficult to keep the building warm. Staff members brought extra heaters to keep people and their animals warm.

“(It’s going to) take some time to get it going right like it was,” Office Manager Penny Vore said.

The furnace works, which provides some heat, but their boiler broke.

“Every bit of warm air (the furnace) pumps is obviously going through that giant gaping hole in the ceiling,” Peckinpaugh said.

Part of the ceiling has to be replaced and possibly other areas like the ceiling inside the garage. The shelter has insurance. Peckinpaugh estimated more than $25,000 in damages.

“It will be a financial burden for us and something we’re willing to overcome, but any help we can get would be greatly, greatly appreciated,” Peckinpaugh said.

If you would like to help the shelter, Peckinpaugh said they need blankets, dog houses and money. Peckinpaugh said if people would like to donate or take care of an animal temporarily, they can call the shelter at (765) 747-4851.

Even though the shelter is partially closed, staff members will continue working.

If you live in the city and have an animal related issue that needs addressed please contact Muncie Police Dispatch at 765-747-4838, if you live in unincorporated Delaware County please contact 765-747-7878.

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