Frustrated Indy homeowners dealing with damages from dangerous holiday celebrations


INDIANAPOLIS — The 4th of July has come and gone, but some area homeowners are still dealing with damages from dangerous celebrations.

“That’s just part of stupid people around you I guess,” says homeowner Brandon Bray who just moved from Little Flower to Fountain Square, “I thought I would get a bullet in my car from my last neighborhood I was from. I thought this was an upgrade”

Bray got home from watching fireworks over the weekend and parked his car on the street in front of his home. When went to the car the next day there was a bullet in his front seat. It crashed through his windshield after someone opened fire into the air in celebration. He is glad he wasn’t in the car at the time, but now he is left to foot the bill on the repairs.

“We were walking straight down this street from the fireworks, and it could have happened at any point. I would have been downed in one shot, calling for a revive for sure,” explains Bray, “As far as I know, my insurance company doesn’t cover windshield breaks. Just take it to a glass shop. I know a mechanic, maybe he can help me out.”

On the northwest side another homeowner had a firework shot through her window. The Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI) says often homeowners can file a damage claim if someone else caused the incident to occur, however, IDOI says many policies contain a provision disclaiming coverage for acts committed by the homeowner.

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