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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — This past December, Purdue University put a call out for all dogs (and their owners) to participate in a study, called the ‘Dog Aging Project,’ and was featured on FOX59 News.

Since then, more than 82,000 dogs have been signed-up/nominated for the project. It’s designed to gather as much data on as many breeds and ages of dogs as possible in order to identify all biological and environmental factors that affect a dog’s health and longevity.

Another purpose of the project is connecting the similarities between human health and our canine counterparts, studying the diseases that dogs suffer from and how we can treat those, and conversely, treat humans.

On this episode of Full Steam Ahead: A Podcast About Purdue, FOX59’s Adam Bartels talks with Purdue’s Audrey Ruple from the School of Health and Human Sciences about the importance of this study, what they hope to discover, and much more!

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