Full Steam Ahead Podcast Episode 54 – Future of Lunar Habitation


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — What does the future of habitation on the moon or Mars look like? Purdue University Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering Shirley Dyke is conducting a study that will help bridge that gap between the moon and Earth.

Dyke says they are in the early stages of a 5-year study being conducted at the Herrick Labs, where they are replicating quarter-sized habitats as realistically as possible. Dyke is focusing on three characteristics of importance for potential future lunar habitation: resilience, intelligence and autonomy.

On the latest episode of Full Steam Ahead: A Podcast About Purdue, FOX59’s Adam Bartels talks with Dyke about those characteristics, how realistic habitation is, how soon it could happen, other goals of her study, and more!

If interested, you can follow along here to get updates on the study and check out the progress being made.

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