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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A northwest side church filled with strangers helped lay three veterans to rest.

A funeral service honored the men who are without families.

Richard Clay Messina, Leland Wall and Gary Haaq are the three army veterans who served our country and are being honored for their service.

Messina and Wall are Vietnam veterans.

“Although there’s no biological family, there’s the ‘United States’ family that’s here today,” said the Pastor of the Agape Apostolic Faith Assembly Church to the room full of military members and people from the community.

The three men are without families, but the church wouldn’t let the men who protected us, be laid to rest alone.

“We’ve invited everyone, the whole community,” said Ursula Washington, the Funeral Director, “It’s very important for us to be able to just give back to these individuals.”

A room packed full of community members showed up to pay their respects. In the crowd was Veterans Outreach Specialist and veteran himself, Bill Moylan. He brought along his Vet Center truck that provides counseling to veterans who need someone to talk to.

“We don’t leave a brother or sister behind,” said Moylan, “Once you are enlisted or are in the service, everybody is family to us. So, we’re here just in case there are people here who want to talk.”

As part of the Military Honor Guard, and a Marine veteran, James Roberts believes it’s his responsibility to honor their service.

“I personally served in the United States Marine Corps and as a veteran there’s a sense of loyalty and comradery among military personnel,” said Roberts, “When you hear that there’s a veteran that’s been identified as unclaimed, it’s important for us to come out and support that individual.”

A room full of strangers that have to come together like family for Richard Clay Messina, Leland Wall and Gary Haaq. Heroes that will not be forgotten.

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