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INDIANAPOLIS — A 16-year-old juvenile was shot outside the football game between Ben Davis and Carmel High Schools. IMPD says the male teen is in stable condition. The shooter, another 16-year-old juvenile, has been taken into custody.

What started as a normal football game at the Ben Davis football stadium off Girls School Road Friday night turned into confusion and chaos as shots were fired during the 4th quarter outside the stadium.

During the altercation, a handgun was fired and an individual was hit in the arm. The individual was transported to the hospital and is currently in stable condition.

According to Jim Inskeep from Carmel athletics, the game was suspended while coaches came together to decide whether or not the game would continue. They came to the decision to end the game. Carmel was leading 35-21.

Several of the individuals involved in the altercation have been identified with only one individual identified as a former Wayne Township student and the others identified as current Wayne Township students.

At this point, IMPD is not sure what the cause of the shooting was.

Police say there were witnesses to the shooting, but some are not cooperating with police. IMPD is trying to get in touch with the parents’ of the teens involved.