Gas price roller coaster trying Hoosier drivers

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Drivers in Central Indiana say prices at the pump have them on a roller coaster lately.

According to, the average price of gas in Indiana was 15-cents higher than the national average Thursday.

In Indianapolis, gas at some stations was more than 50-cents higher per gallon than a month ago.

Experts say crude oil prices are trading between $97 and $98 a barrel– a high not seen since May of last year.

Drivers tell Fox59 News, the prices are affecting their budgets and many hunt for the best prices they can.

“I go online and check to see where the cheapest places are and then I try to go there if it’s not too far to go,” said driver, Robin Gilmour.

Some speculators say the national average could climb to $3.50 a gallon in February if crude oil prices continue to climb.

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