INDIANAPOLIS, Ind — For the first time since the tragic crash outside of the George W. Julian School on September 14, Crossing Guard Michael Sykes is updating the community on his healing. Sykes was hit along with a 7-year-old student and her mother as a result of road rage, according to police.

“Emotionally and mentally I’m still coming to terms with what happened,” Sykes said.

Seven-year-old Hannah Crutchfield was crossing the street in the crosswalk with her mother and a crossing guard when they were struck. Hannah was pronounced dead shortly after being transported to a hospital.

According to court records, the deadly crash in the crosswalk is alleged to have been the result of a road rage incident between 21-year-old Torrell King and the 17-year-old female driver. The crash occurred when the juvenile driver swerved and struck a third vehicle that was knocked into the three victims in the crosswalk.

The driver of the Mercury Mariner who was pushed into the three victims is not being charged.

“It’s like, what words can you find,” Sykes said. “It’s basically just keep them in your prayers. Praying that God gives them the strength.”

For Sykes, he draws on strength from his family and the Irvington community.

“They’ve been great,” Sykes said. “I keep in touch with them, they keep in touch with me to make sure I’m all right. I’ve been up to the schools. I’ve stood on the corners and said hi to the kids as they pass by.”

Eventually, Sykes hopes to return to his job as a crossing guard.

“Yeah, I’ll definitely go back,” Sykes said. “I mean, I’ve got my anxieties I’ve got to work on. I’ve got things that I have to work on before I actually walk back into the street but yeah, I’ll be back.”