INDIANAPOLIS — If it’s not the most significant collection of memorabilia in the country, it’s certainly the most eclectic.

Called simply, The Irsay Collection, the Indianapolis Colts owner has amassed a huge number of musical and historic artifacts that will soon go on display for the first time in Indiana.

“It’s really going to be special.  Something like this has never been done,” says Jim Irsay.

Wednesday afternoon, Irsay held court to talk about his upcoming event as only he can… on a Zamboni on an ice rink at his estate in Carmel.

Irsay is as eclectic as the artifacts he collects.  Everything he buys has a story behind it.

“Get things that people want to see!  I have 12 Monets and I have John Lennon’s piano…then,  first of all,  I want to see John Lennon’s piano first!” Irsay explained.

First and foremost, Irsay’s collection is considered the greatest guitar collection in the world.  Instruments from Kurt Cobain, Paul McCartney and Pete Townshend are all represented. They’re all preserved in museum quality cases, right next to John Lennon’s piano over in the corner.

But there’s history here as well.  There’s a Stetson that John F. Kennedy was supposed to receive as a gift the day he died.  Irsay says his collection is about inspiration as much as preservation.

“You’re just inspired by these people who just lived before us,” said Irsay. “People like Martin Luther King Junior who did things that are unimaginable.”

Irsay calls the collection priceless and can’t imagine ever selling it.  The entire contents have traveled the country on tour.  It will return home to go on display for free in Lucas Oil Stadium during a season kick-off concert starring Irsay himself and his rock band.

“For me It’s a way to give back to the fans and the public in general,” Irsay said.

The concert is September 9 and is free to attend. More information about the Irsay Collection event can be found on its website.