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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Are you getting the internet speed and service that you’re actually paying for?

Is your setup ideal for streaming all that content to your home?

It’s safe to say no one likes the buffering icon or the feeling of powerlessness when too many devices are connected to your internet, slowing things to a crawl.

Experts say what types of devices you have connected to your network can make a big difference.

“You’re only as fast as your weakest link, so if you have an older device on your network, you’re going to bog down the whole network to the speed of your slowest device,” said Demetrius Groover, a technician with Comcast Indiana.

Groover offered some tips for improving your internet experience. Don’t put your router near enclosed areas with heat-producing appliances and keep it away from windows or the basement. Try to keep it in an open, central location if possible.

If you’re wondering what kinds of speeds you’re actually getting, you can use a website like or Netflix’s to get a general idea. If things aren’t speedy enough, it may be time to call your service provider.