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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 16, 2015) – Officers have arrested the girl they believe is seen throwing punches in a graphic fight video that quickly went viral. The video appears to show a girl severely beating another girl and a young child, identified as the second girl’s brother.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says the girl has been arrested on an unrelated charge.

Police believe the fight happened at Brookside Park and that the girls know each other from George Washington Community High School, according to a police report. Officials from Indianapolis Public Schools said the girl was not a George Washington or IPS student.

On Saturday, police were dispatched to a location at East 19th Street on a delayed battery report. After arriving, an officer spoke to a girl who says she does not know the suspect’s name, but does know that she is in the eighth grade.

Police made an arrest on Sunday. No names are not being released because everyone involved is underage.

In the video, a girl wearing black is pulled to the ground by a girl in white. The girl in white repeatedly kicks, punches and even smashes the other girl’s head with her foot. Seconds later, the video shows the child being attacked as well.

Rev. Charles Harrison with the Ten Point Coalition said he could only watch the video once.

“This is glamorized, this is glorified, this brings them ‘street cred,’ this brings them notoriety, ya know? She’s tough, she’s going to beat somebody up,” said Harrison. “It’s almost like they plan these fights, they want these fights to be on tape where they can put it on social media. This is horrible.”

As of Sunday night, the video had been viewed more than a million times.