INDIANA — A young girl is trying to make a difference for children going into foster care because it’s something she’s gone through herself. 

She’s calling her project Cases For A Cause where she’s collecting donations to fill suitcases to give to away to those who need them. 

“I was once a foster child and whenever I came into foster care all I had was a stuffed bunny and the clothes I had on and that was it,” said Nora Hamilton. 

She wants to collect enough supplies to pack at least 40 suitcases for children in foster care and people experiencing homelessness. 

Her plans are to share them with local DCS offices, the Foster Care Select Agency and local sheriff’s departments. 

“These are some of the things I wished I would have had when I was placed into foster care, but I wasn’t lucky enough to get these items, and so that’s why I would like these other children to have them.” 

Inside the cases, she plans to put blankets, hygiene products like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, journals or coloring books and a flashlight or nightlight. 

“It’s important to me because I feel like these children, it’s not their fault that they’re in the situation they’re in. The children in foster care, it’s not their fault! It’s the parent’s fault,” Hamilton said. 

“And the people who become homeless, it’s not their fault! They didn’t choose to become homeless. It just happened.” 

Anyone interested in donating can send the family an email at