Girl who says police officer punched her in face at Texas pool party records second video of chaos

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MCKINNEY, Texas (June 10, 2015) – Another witness is talking about the chaos that ensued at a pool party in McKinney, Texas, over the weekend.

NewsFix (KDAF) talked to 13-year-old Jahda Bakari about the incident. Bakari said Officer Eric Casebolt, who has since resigned from the department, punched her in the face.

Bakari also recorded the scene as Casebolt pulled his gun on a group of teenagers and slammed another girl to the ground. Bakari said she was invited to the party on social media. She described it as a “normal, cool” event that wasn’t well organized.

“Everyone was happy. We had just gotten out of school. Everyone was just playing around having fun at the pool,” she said.

She said a worker told the guests that there were too many people using pool passes, even though she said that hadn’t been a rule in the past.

“They were trying to kick us out, but we wouldn’t leave because they let us in. They knew there was a party going on. There was a security guard and a worker; the security guard asked if we were there for the party.”

She noted there was another party going on, but a worker at the pool didn’t seem concerned about that one.

“There was another party going on with a group of white people, but they never went over to them and asked them about their party.”

She said she didn’t know the girl who was pinned down by Casebolt although her sister was acquainted with her. She said Casebolt ordered her to go home and hit her in the arm with a baton. When she tried to help the other girl up, she said Casebolt punched her in the face.

“I ran back over there and tried helping her up,” she said. “I was kind of beside (Casebolt) helping the girl up. He punched me in the face

“It was really…it was mostly shocking. That’s when he started getting rougher with the girl.”

She said she starting recording video of her own right after that.

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