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Hundreds of dollars were stolen from a Beech Grove Girl Scout Saturday, and it was all caught on camera.

It happened Saturday afternoon at a gas station on South Keystone Avenue.

Six-year-old Whitney, a first-year Girl Scout, set up a booth to sell cookies. She’d worked all weekend to sell 582 boxes and was working to meet her goal of 750.

“It was fun,” Stephanie Allen said, Whitney’s mom. “We were doing really good, and he had to come here and mess it all up.”

Surveillance video shows a man standing at the cookie booth.

“The guy came up and was asking about the different types of cookies,” Amber Mattingly said, a family firend.  “He said eney meeny miny moe, and he grabbed the black book.

“And I said ‘Oh no you don’t,’ and then he ran, and I chased after him to the back gate. And he climbed the gate, and I grabbed his leg, and he screamed profanity at me.”

Inside that black book, the family said, was $316.

Not only did the suspect run. Family members did, too.

“I chased him around  here and got on the interstate,” David Printz said, a relative. “I’m on the phone with state troopers the whole time.”

Allen was even hurt.

“I fell and ripped my pants and hurt my knee,” she said. “It’s money lost. She lost it. Somehow I’m going to figure out how to get it back.”

Shortly after the theft, Richard Byland heard the news. He was sitting having coffee at the nearby Whistle Stop.

“Carla and I were sitting here talking, and she said a lot of them were upset and crying,” Byland said.

That’s when he called the family over to present Whitney with a check.

“Whitney are you ready babe?” he said. “I’m presenting you with $200 for you girls and your troubles today from the Whistle Stop.”

A grateful family thanked Byland.

As police continue to investigate, Allen said her daughter is less than 100 boxes of cookies away from reaching her goal.