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BARGERSVILLE — At approximately 11:36 a.m. Monday, Bargersville police and fire department responded to the scene of a 19-year-old who’s car was sinking.

The female was traveling eastbound on Whiteland Road when she lost control of her vehicle and landed in a pond where her car began to sink.

We are told that the woman suffers from seizures and had an episode on the road which caused her to swerve into the pond.

Luckily, Brandon Brown was traveling westbound on Whiteland when he witnessed the woman’s car leave the roadway and enter the pond. Brown immediately stopped his truck and ran into the pond to assist the woman, along with two other bystanders.

“My body reacted faster than my mind did, so it was just a go go go situation because I didn’t want the car to sink in the water,” said Brown. “It happened so fast, that even the cars that were behind the car that went into the retention pond, they went on, like they just kept driving down the road.”

“I just ran over there, it’s my first instinct, you know, somebody needed help.”

Brandon was not the only one who helped the woman out of her car.

Another rescuer came forward, William Clements, to tell us how he reacted to the situation.

“I pulled my truck off the road and as I get over there, I realize there’s a young girl in the car. I went into the water. As soon as I went into the water, I was trying to get her attention to wake up. As soon as I knocked on the window real hard, that got her attention and she woke up,” explained Clements.

Both Brown and Clements reacted in a fast enough manner to be able to pull the woman out of her car safely before it sank.

“You’ve got to pay attention to your surroundings. It could have been anybody, it could have been someone they knew, it could have been one of their family members or friend, friend of a family member,” said Brown.

Both Brown and Clements are dads to girls that are near the same age as the woman they rescued, so they both had an emotional connection to the situation.

“To me, that was somebody’s baby in there. I don’t care how old they are, that’s somebody’s baby,” said Clements.

The female was transported to St. Francis hospital just to be safe and is in stable condition.