Gov. Pence vetoes bills on police record transparency and environmental standards


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 24, 2016) – Governor Mike Pence vetoed both House Enrolled Act 1022 and 1082 Thursday.

We’re told House Enrolled Act 1022 would have allowed private universities’ police departments to have different standards for public records than public police departments.

Governor Pence provided some reasoning behind his decision to veto the bill.

“Limiting access to police records in a situation where private university police departments perform a government function is a disservice to the public and an unnecessary barrier to transparency,” said Pence. “While House Enrolled Act 1022 provides for limited disclosure of records from private university police departments, it would limit the application of the Access to Public Records Act following the Court of Appeals decision and result in less disclosure, therefore I have decided to veto the bill.”

Officials say the enrolled Act 1082, known as the “no more stringent” bill, would have prevented environmental standards or rules, put forth by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, that impose a restriction or requirement more stringent than federal law from going into effect until after adjournment sine die of the next General Assembly.

Pence says he vetoed the bill to maintain Indiana’s safe drinking water.

“With this veto, Hoosiers can be assured that we will continue to have the necessary discretion and flexibility to create Indiana solutions at the state level and act in a timely way to protect our drinking water,” said Pence.

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