Gov. Pence to unveil plan to expand health insurance for Hoosiers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 15, 2014)– Gov. Mike Pence will announce a new plan to provide more healthcare to uninsured and low-income Hoosiers Thursday. While the details of the plan have not been revealed, FOX59 has learned through our partners at the Indianapolis Business Journal that the initiative will focus on a combination of avenues through which Indiana residents can get health insurance instead of using Medicaid.

Pence will likely speak about the expansion of the current Healthy Indiana Plan which covers about 40,000 people. The expansion of the plan in conjunction with employer health plans and health savings accounts should serve to widen coverage for thousands of Hoosiers.

Expanding the existing Healthy Indiana Plan will provide an alternative to Medicaid. Under the Healthy Indiana Plan, even low-income residents contribute a portion of their income. President Obama’s Affordable Care Act requires states to expand Medicaid coverage, but Pence has asked to use the state’s own plan instead. Thursday’s announcement could include a deal between the state and federal government to do that.

Pence has been working with hospitals around the state to find ways to fund the initiative and relieve hospitals of the cost of unpaid patient bills. His announcement is scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday at IU Methodist Hospital in downtown Indianapolis. The governor will also travel to Fort Wayne and Fremont later in the day to talk about the initiative with residents in those communities.

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