GPS tracking device installed after baby Jesus statue stolen from Nativity scene

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FRANKLIN, Ind (Dec. 18, 2014)– Searching for Jesus just got a whole lot easier for folks in Franklin, thanks to GPS monitoring.

The Indiana Masonic Home Nativity scene was recently hit by a holiday thief. The target was baby Jesus.

Leaders with the Franklin, Ind retirement community reported that the baby Jesus was missing on December 7. A few days later, the figurine was returned.

“Once in a while somebody gets out of line,” said Marion Crum, a Masonic home resident.

“I just heard that somebody stole the baby Jesus,”said Tana Craig, a Masonic home resident.

It was the talk of the town for days. Who stole baby Jesus?

“It saddens me, but you can’t make enough rules to change people. Change comes from the heart and Christmas is all about heart,” said Craig.

“I just felt like how low can you go when you have a public display of what Christmas is about,” said Jerry Loper, Masonic Home facilities manager.

If baby Jesus ever goes missing again, they will be able to track it using GPS.

Brick House, a New York-based security firm, heard about the theft and donated three monitoring devices that will be placed on the statues.

“It’s more of an emotional issue. People don’t like it when the Grinch tries to steal Christmas,” said Todd Morris, CEO of Brick House.

The new technology will send the staff at Masonic house a text notification if any of the figures are moved in the future.

“That’s where technology is keeping up with the evil that’s out there,” said Loper.

However, some say the tracking device goes too far.

“It’s a shame that you have to track stuff like that,” said John Justice, a Franklin resident.

“If you want Jesus in your life, you don’t have to steal him,” said Crum.

Brick House has more tracking devices available to donate if your organization is interested.

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