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KOKOMO, Ind.- A Kokomo man was arrested for killing his grandfather. Zachary Miller, 24, is facing murder and aggravated battery charges in connection with the death of John Miller, 67.

According to court documents, Miller attacked his grandfather, hitting him in the head several times and even used a frying pan as a weapon. He told investigators he “choked him for so long that his arms got tired.”

On Monday morning, officers were called out to the Miller home on Apperson Way. Zachary was the one who called 911 after the brutal attack, which happened minutes after his grandmother left for work. When officers arrived they found the grandfather lying on the floor and Zachary nearby in a chair.

“It shouldn’t have happened at all,” said Betty Miller, victim’s widow.

Court documents reveal Zachary used a knife to cut his grandfather’s wrist because he wanted him to “bleed out.”

Betty Miller is still trying to grasp losing her husband at the hands of her grandson.

“He loved Zach. He was trying to help Zach. Zach had a problem. We kept trying to get help for him. We were scared of him,” said Betty Miller.

Miller told police about a week ago, Zachary violently killed her dog. Also in the past few months, she noticed her grandson’s behavior drastically change. Zachary’s family says he was on medicine to help with his mental health issues.

“We knew something was going to happen, it was brewing. I mean, we were doing what we can. He needed help and nobody would help him. The system failed,” said Melissa Rhoades, victim’s daughter.

According to court documents, when investigators asked Zachary if he was trying to kill his grandpa he said “yes.” Zachary told investigators the reason he killed his grandpa was “because of a story about Vietnam.”

If convicted, Zach could face up to 81 years behind bars. This is Howard County’s first murder case of 2017.