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GRANT COUNTY, Ind. – A veteran detective in the Grant County Sheriff’s Office is resigning following an internal investigation.

The sheriff’s office said Lt. Detective Shelby Taylor resigned after more than 20 years of service this week. It comes after the start of an internal investigation. Officers confirm Indiana State Police were contacted to investigate.

ISP said it’s an investigation alleging misconduct and theft, but said there is no named suspect.

Taylor is the same detective named in a civil suit filed in January by former Oak Hill High School teacher Mitchel Hueston.

Hueston was previously accused of inappropriately touching a teenager and charged with child seduction. However, after passing a polygraph test, the case was dismissed.

“He told me this just isn’t possible. There was a very limited time where we were even together. She arrived to babysit. I had five or six of my family members there with me. We were all outside by our car,” David Glickfield said.

Glickfield previously represented Hueston through the accusation. Though Hueston’s name was cleared, his reputation was left damaged.

“It really ruined his life. It’s very sad and very unfortunate,” Glickfield said.

The civil lawsuit names both the Grant County sheriff and Det. Taylor. The lawsuit accuses the investigator of presenting fabricated evidence and information and providing his case file to his employer even after the charges were dropped.

Glickfield said the former teacher has since left teaching and found new employment.

Meanwhile, the circumstances surrounding Det. Taylor’s resignation are not known.

The sheriff’s office said the state police investigation and lawsuit are not related in any way.

“So as time goes by and we learn more about what may have happened or may not have happened it may or may not strengthen the civil lawsuit,” Glickfield said.