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GREENFIELD, Ind. — Three adults and a baby escaped their burning home in Greenfield just in time.

Burnt framing, a boarded-up garage, and smoke-stained memories are now sitting in the Moore’s front yard.

“It felt like I was walking under a wall of fire as I was leaving the house,” said John Moore.

Around midnight, the fire started in the garage and right above the garage is where Dustin Moore, his girlfriend, and their 7-month-old baby were sleeping.

“It could’ve spread to the staircase. It could’ve made the floor fall out and swallowed us into the garage,” said Dustin.

Dustin’s father was also inside the home.  The family woke up to the sound of smoke alarms.

“That’s the reason we’re still alive. I replaced the batteries maybe three months ago and I’m very thankful I did that,” said John.

Just a couple months ago, Greenfield direfighters did a smoke detector blitz.  Firefighters went door-to-door in an older neighborhood, checking alarms and handing them out to anyone who needed one.

“This is just real life stating the importance of fire alarms in the home and to check those. This did save lives,” said James Roberts, Greenfield Fire Chief.

A jeep parked in the driveway and another car in the garage are both destroyed.

The fire damaged their neighbors’ homes as well.

Despite the dangerous night, within minutes, kindness found a way onto Dorothy Drive.

“(A) total stranger gave me his shoes off his feet because he saw I had no shoes. (He) gave me a cat carrier for the cat,” said John.

The Moore family is staying with family and friends.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.  At this point, officials don’t believe it was suspicious.

If you need a smoke alarm or need someone to check if yours is working, call your local fire department.