Greenfield police looking for suspects who stole antique urns from cemetery

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By Trevor Shirley

GREENFIELD, Ind. (April 13, 2016) — Greenfield police are on the hunt for whoever keeps stealing antique planting urns from Park Cemetery.

The thefts likely began sometime last fall and have been reported as recently as last week. So far, investigators believe nineteen urns have disappeared.

“This urn has been here since probably 1953 when my grandfather died,” said Dave Pasco, who had an urn stolen from his family’s burial plot.

Pasco, a retired funeral director, still can’t understand why someone would steal the urn. He says the urn has stood over the graves of his family members since the 1920’s.

“I’ve heard other communities are having this same problem,” said Tyler Rankin of the Greenfield Streets Department, which oversees the cemetery.

Rankin says they are taking steps with police to stop the thefts. At this point, investigators aren’t sure why the urns are being stolen.

“There’s a couple of possibilities,” said Greenfield Police Detective Randy Ratliff. “They could be selling them to unscrupulous antiques dealers… they could be selling them for scrap.”

Most of the urns are cast-iron and weigh several hundred pounds. Because of this, investigators say it’s likely a group of people who are stealing the planters.

Greenfield police are asking anyone with loved ones buried in Park Cemetery to check their gravesites to make sure everything is alright. If you have any information on who is responsible for the thefts, you’re asked to call the Greenfield Police Department.

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