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RUSHVILLE, Ind. (Dec. 30, 2014)– It was a big surprise on Christmas morning for a 83-year-old retired farmer in Rushville.

Kyle Meal wants to remember his dad’s reaction Christmas morning, so he made sure to capture it on video.

At first, dad didn’t notice anything in the garage. But with a little help from Kyle and his family, Norman Meal notices his first truck, restored and wrapped with a bow.

Kyle snuck the truck out of storage and towed it to a restoration shop in Batesville last summer.

“The last 13 years, it has been in my friend’s garage,” said Kyle.

Everything is brand new, except for the original horn.

“[Kyle] has been a good son!” Norman said, “It brings back old memories and the good times that we have.”

Kyle’s grandfather bought that truck in 1949, and then Norman bought the truck from his father in the mid-50s to use on the family farm.

“A lot of people asked me since I gave dad the truck for Christmas- what was my best Christmas present? I think a lot of people get caught up in what they are getting,” said Kyle, “I think the question should be what did you give someone else? Whether it’s a material object or something you helped them with.”

Norman has been out driving around the town already.