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GREENFIELD, Ind. —An army veteran from Greenfield is hoping to honor those who served from central Indiana by making sure they’re never forgotten.

Rick Brown, who served in Vietnam, now spends his time travelling across the state restoring the grave markers of the men and women who served this country.

His efforts are part of the group “Mission: Restore Bronze”, for which he heads up the central Indiana Chapter.

“Somebody needs to pay respect. It’s important to show that they’re not forgotten. Veterans need to be respected on both sides of the dirt,” Brown said.

Brown has been restoring graves and markers in Indiana for about two years. So far he says he’s restored roughly 200 of them. His goal is to restore 1000 graves by the end of 2018.

“You just can’t forget what these guys did for America…and I’m not about to,” he said.

Brown, who is disabled due to a car accident in 1969, has been on the receiving end of some increased attention for his efforts.

Earlier this year, the Disabled American Veteran Department of Indiana awarded him the 2017 Disabled Vet of Year Award. Brown described receiving the award as a “great honor,” but says the ultimate gift would be to know that his work will continue when he no longer can.

“It would be the best gift… It’d mean an awful lot to me,” he said.

Brown says he’s currently working to raise funds to purchase a trailer that would allow him to travel the state and restore more grave markers.

For more information on his fundraiser and Mission: Restore Bronze, you can visit: