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GREENSBURG, Ind. – More clown sightings are being reported in central Indiana. In Greensburg, a group of teenagers took pictures of clowns they saw.

Police have taken about a dozen calls of clown sightings just this week.

Makenzie Lewis saw a clown standing outside her home two nights ago. She said he was tilting his head and playing with a metal rod.

“He had on a striped suit on. Like it looked like it was professional,” she said.

Louella Weston lives down the street. She just found out there was a clown spotted hiding behind a tree in her front yard.

“It kind of terrifies me,” she said. “People that are doing that are stupid. Somebody’s gonna end up getting shot.”

People say the clowns are carrying weapons and chasing and frightening children and adults.

Chief Brendan Bridges said he’s had enough. He believes it’s a bunch of kids messing around, but he wants them to know they will be arrested if they cross the line.

“You’re looking at disorderly conduct charges, possibly intimidation charges, harassment charges, trespassing,” said Bridges.

If you see a clown, Bridges said to call police immediately. He has increased patrols in areas that have reported clown sightings.