Greentown mother who suffered stillbirth starts new nonprofit to help others

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 13, 2014)– Wednesday is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

Statistics show up to 20 percent of all U.S. pregnancies end in miscarriage or stillbirth.

Misty Howell from Greentown created the nonprofit Hudson’s Bands of Hope to give bracelets to mothers who leave the hospital without their child.

Howell lost her son, Hudson, in late 2012. Hudson’s heart stopped beating at 20 weeks. Howell left St. Joseph’s Hospital in Kokomo after enduring 15 hours of labor.

“Everything inside of me was screaming. They were wheeling me out in a wheelchair. I am passing labor and delivery, and in my arms, there is no baby,” said Howell.

Hudson's Bands of Hope
Hudson’s Bands of Hope

Howell replaced her hospital band with a charm bracelet. The charm bracelet was a gift from Howell’s mother.

“That was the only thing  (hospital band) I had that I took home. I could walk down the streets and have proof that I gave birth,” said Howell.

Monday evening, women who’ve lost a baby made more bracelets. Stacey Ring lost her baby at 12 weeks and was given a bracelet by hospital staff in Kokomo.

“It was like God had just handed it to me. It was perfect, just what I needed. I did not know the sex of my baby, so I got one with the clear beads. The little footprints on the heart. I enjoy that the most,” said Ring.

Hudson’s Bands of Hope are passed out at ten central Indiana hospitals. Women in 24 states and two countries are wearing the charm bracelets.

“These bracelets are there to make a difference and to talk about it, share your story. It will be harder in the beginning, but it will be easier as time goes on,” said Ring.

Added Howell, “We have created a community for women to feel safe and talk about their children in Heaven.”

The bracelets made Monday will be dropped off at IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. Doctors asked Howell for 200.

Learn more about Hudson’s Bands of Hope here.

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