Greenwood dreams of electronic signs, economic growth

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GREENWOOD – There is an idea being tossed around among some City departments in Greenwood about buying electronic signs in an effort to promote City events and boost economic development.

Recently, the director of the City’s Parks and Recreation Department got the green light to start researching how much these signs would cost and what they may look like.

“The park board has just agreed to have me go out and solicit quotes so I’m gonna go out and talk to a few vendors,” said Rob Taggart. “It’s the new way. It’s the new age. It’s the way things are done now.”

While it’s only in the conceptual phase, Taggart is excited about the possibilities. He admits, the biggest downfall of the Parks and Rec Department is that it is “underexposed.” Digital signs, he said, can help the City change that.

Not only would it help get the word out about programs and events, it could also boost economic development for the City and local businesses. The City denies any plans to sell any advertising space, but would allow businesses to co-brand its events and be featured on the signs.

“Like Indy Eleven. We put some beautiful sod down here at City Park. Indy Eleven graciously… gave us that sod. We would put Indy Eleven as a brand on a digital sign,” explained Taggart. “It allows us to promote our business, our events, our programs… and in addition to any partners that want to come in with the City, that gives them some great exposure for our businesses with the City as well. (It) shows that we’re committed to our businesses that partner with the City.”

Taggart wasn’t sure when he’d have his research done, but plans to meet with the Mayor next week. He said there is a lot more to be discussed before anything moves forward in the form of a formal proposal.

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