GREENWOOD, Ind. – A pair of Greenwood High School students have been working hard to organize a brand new suicide awareness walk, raising thousands towards prevention.

Greenwood juniors Ava Smith and Lilli Vaziri will host the school’s first ever “Light in the Darkness Walk.” The pair say they came up with the idea after attending a similar walk in Indianapolis last month.

Ava and Lilli said they wanted to bring the conversation closer to home.

“I’ve just been reminding myself and Lilli if at least just one person shows up and it affects them, and has an impact on them, we’ve done our job,” Ava said.

Both Ava and Lilli said suicide prevention and awareness is a topic they hold close to their hearts.

“My dad’s best friend was a police officer, and he was 56 and he committed suicide,” Lilli Vaziri said. “And it was kind of like, well if he can go through it and nobody knows, imagine how many high schoolers can go through it too.”

Ava and Lilli said they have also had their own share of mental health struggles.

“Everyone struggles mentally,” Ava said. “Our goal is to just help one person and I think we have done that. We just want to help at least one person feel like there’s hope at the end of the tunnel. That’s why we kind of named it ‘Light in the Darkness,’ because through all this mental struggle and fighting with your mind there’s light at the end.”

The pair want other students to know there are resources and people to talk to and lean on.

“They are not alone and we’re going to help raise awareness,” Lilli said.

School leaders were eager to help the students kickstart the project. They have already raised around $4,500 and hope to reach around $6,500.

Lilli and Ava said they are eager to help end the stigma surrounding suicide.

“There’s a huge stigma around mental health and especially we both, I am an athlete and she’s an athlete, and there’s a huge stigma around mental health with athletes, with students, with men, with anyone,” Ava described. “We just want to spread the awareness because we know what it feels like to feel so alone, and if somebody had done this when we were struggling it would’ve been a huge sign of hope and just light at the end of the tunnel like you’ll get through this.”

Participants can also donate at the event. It starts at 7 p.m. on Saturday at the Greenwood High School Football Stadium. You can also donate online. All of the money goes towards the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.