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GREENWOOD, Ind. — Nine people have died and hundreds have been injured, but the fallout to the tragic Astroworld festival in Houston is only just beginning.

21-year-old Zeke Davidson of Greenwood was at Travis Scott’s festival last Friday. He’s a big fan and had been looking forward to going with his girlfriend, Rosalynn Kowal, for months.

”Just overflowing with excitement,” Davidson said.

But, once they made their way into the crowd of 50,000, things quickly took a turn.

“You could not breathe, at that point it was a sea of people and if you went down, it’s over,” Davidson said.

Davidson said he pretty quickly realized they were in trouble once the pressure didn’t let up.

”Four people, locked together, to try and keep my girlfriend from getting crushed and still couldn’t,” he said. “It was insane, at that point I knew we had to get out.”

Davidson said they made their way to the back, but it wasn’t easy.

”I had to lower my shoulder, I had to pry people out of my way,” he said.

Once they made it closer to the back of the crowd, Davidson said they enjoyed the concert, but were unaware of the tragedy happening right before them.

”I thought everything was fine,” he said.

Until after the show was over, when they saw a group of paramedics around a body on the ground.

”Just would not come to and, truthfully, I think we saw that guy die,” Davidson said.

With nine deaths and hundreds of injuries, lawsuits are pouring in. 

”There will be hundreds of lawsuits, yes, absolutely,” said Darryl Isaacs, a personal injury lawyer at Isaacs and Isaacs.

Issacs said those affected will look to go after everyone involved.

”You definitely would sue the performer, and I think you would sue the promoters and I guess you would also have to look at the venue,” he said.

Davidson said some blame should also be put on the crowd.

”They didn’t care, nobody cared,” he said

A week after the tragedy and he’s still trying to comprehend the loss of life.

”I don’t know how to feel about that because it doesn’t seem real to me,” Davidson said.

There has already been at least one lawsuit filed against artist Travis Scott, with many more likely to come.

Isaacs said the one silver lining here will redefine what concert safety and preparedness look like going forward.