Greenwood ordinance could impose fines for panhandling

Indy Cracking Down on Panhandling

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard remains confident as a proposal to strengthen the city’s panhandling ordinance makes its way to the City-County Council.

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GREENWOOD, Ind. (Oct. 29, 2014) – A new ordinance might have panhandlers thinking twice about asking for money in Greenwood. The city council approved a measure to prohibit panhandling in certain places.

The list of prohibited panhandling locations include city owned property, medians or right of ways, private property and bus stops. Violators could face a $150 to $2,500 fine.

Council Member Thom Hord sponsored the ordinance. He said the police chief approached the council with concerns about an increase in panhandling. City officials believe some of the panhandlers are being pushed out of Indianapolis and going to Greenwood.

“Safety for the main reason, getting the folks off the corners, off the medians and really up around the mall area. People are uneasy when they see panhandlers around,” said Thom Hord, Greenwood Council Member.

A lawyer for the ACLU looked over the new ordinance and said he has “serious constitutional concerns” about it.

Hord said his intent isn’t to issue fines, but rather direct people to the available resources.



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