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GREENWOOD, Ind. (Feb. 16, 2016) – Greenwood Police believe two or three suspects may be responsible for several “grab and dash” thefts at the city’s new Rural King store.

Since January 23, Rural King employees have reported three cases where expensive tools were carried out the back of the store to a getaway truck.

“Around $2,000 that we know of,” said Rural King Manager Danny Newman. “It’s frustrating to know that they’re doing this to us, and we’re just trying to run a legitimate business selling stuff and making a living.”

Security video of each incident shows a male suspect walking the aisles of the store before grabbing expensive tools. On January 30, a suspect grabbed two $1,000 concrete saws. On Valentine’s Day, a suspect grabbed a $600, 20-piece tool set.

Video of each incident shows the suspect taking the items to a back fire door to exit the store. There, a driver is waiting in a white Dodge pickup truck. The first man tosses the items into the truck, gets in the passenger seat, and the truck leaves the property.

Within minutes of each theft, the stolen items were posted for sale on Craigslist at half price, Newman said. In one Craigslist add, the picture of the stolen merchandise appeared to be sitting in the seat of a vehicle.

“It’s tough but we’re trying to get a handle on it so that we can get it taken care of through the police,” Newman said.

Greenwood Police are actively investigating the incidents. They’re working with Rural King employees and reviewing security video. Officer Kortney Burrello said the store may have become a target because of its location.

“That intersection that it’s located near, Smith Valley and 31, is a very busy intersection,” Burrello said. “You can get in and out pretty quickly.”

Opening the fire door in the back of the store sets off an audible alarm, but the suspects have so far been able to leave the area before police or employees could respond to it.

That is, until last Sunday, when one employee apparently thwarted another theft attempt. The employee recognized one of the men in the store and walked to the back of the store. He was able to take a picture of a white Dodge pickup truck waiting behind the store. He snapped a shot of the license plate before the driver took off and gave the information to police.

Newman says the store is upgrading its alarm system and adding more cameras to the store in an effort to prevent more thefts. Greenwood Police say they will increase patrols around the store as investigators examine the security video.

“The good thing is, is it’s not far from the police department,” Burrello said. “So we have a lot of officers drive in and around in that area anyways.”

Anyone with information that could help the investigation is asked to call Greenwood Police. To talk to an officer between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., you can call (317) 865-6396. You can also leave an anonymous tip at the department’s website.