GREENWOOD, Ind. — Plans to build a new roundabout at a busy Greenwood intersection are not sitting well with some nearby homeowners.

The city is planning a 2.3-million roundabout at the intersection of Smith Valley and Averitt Roads. It’s part of ongoing efforts to keep up with city growth and traffic.

City officials are hearing complaints from some nearby residents who say they were never told about the plan before the city announced it. Mayor Mark Myers says that’s partly because the federal funding for the project became available much sooner than expected, so the city had to move forward quickly.

Right now, the plan is still in the design phase and residents will be able to weigh in on that. Actual construction isn’t scheduled until 2024.

The city is also planning a new roundabout very close by, to replace the stoplight in front of Greenwood High School. Both projects would be simultaneous.