Grieving mother discusses plan to reward inmates for Crime Stoppers tips

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INDIANAPOLIS — A plan to open Marion County Jail phones for inmates to make Crime Stoppers tips freely and anonymously has a mother of one murder victim weighing the odds.

Later this month, inmates will be able to call Crime Stoppers without being recorded and will be eligible for reward money if their tips lead to arrests.

“The jail is just a tremendous source of criminal intelligence. We have people here that know a lot about what’s going on out there,” said Lt. Col. Louis Dezelan with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Twana Guerin knows the pain of unsolved murders too well.

On Feb. 21, someone shot and killed Guerin’s 22-year-old son Lorenzo Clark inside a home at 24th and Stuart.

“I get up in the mornings, I cry. I’m at work, I cry. I come home, I cry, because I don’t have an answer,” Guerin said.

Guerin said she doesn’t like the idea of rewarding someone for telling the truth, but that for her and other mothers any reason to end the pain is a good one.

“If that’s the only thing that’s going to get them to come forward then so be it,” Guerin said.

This year, Indianapolis sits at 52 homicides. 23 of those are unsolved.

“I will wait and wait and wait until that day comes, because that day is going to come that I find out who took my son’s life,” Guerin said.

The jail phones will be set up for Crime Stoppers calls by the end of May. An inmate who qualifies for a reward will have to pass that reward on to a family member outside of jail.

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